Happenings of today

Today the kids made the cutest paper representations of…..plant and animal cells!  I was so proud to see them when I got home from work.  And when/if we download the pictures off the camera I’ll take a photo and post them.  So cute!  They labelled all the parts, even A!  Big words like “chloroplast” and “mitochondria.”

Sigh, so proud!  LOL.


Running on Empty

I’ll keep this one short.  I’ve had an awful cold for 2 weeks, even called in sick one day to work.  I haven’t done that in a year, I think.  Burning the candle at both ends trying to clean, homeschool and get ready for a birthday party today.  The party turned out to be great fun, with good friends and conversation for the kids and the adults!  But I am pooped.  Give me some time to recover, I’ll be back soon.