New blog

I have decided to start a new blog over here at Balancing Point so that I don’t bore everyone with details about things unrelated to homeschool and family.  So head over there if you want more depth and insight (assuming my fatigued brain can come up with any insight.)

School officially starts next week, and I am frantically trying to get the school room upstairs reasonably organized.  We did all our homeschooling last year at the dining table, and while the work space was fine, the storage space was completely inadequate.  So we are moving upstairs, which means all the toy bins that I dumped upstairs last year need to find a new home, along with my fabric stash, archaic files, and random junk that I haven’t seen for years but cannot bear to throw out.


Sunnier day

So I’ll try to be a bit more cheery today, even though  my hands and feet hurt (a little) and it is only 6:30 AM.

To add to my already-full plate I have signed up to participate in this.  Nikki hosts a blog for refashioners, people who take their (or other people’s) old clothing and turn them into something new.  I have been following this blog for about a year, and am just amazed at the transformations that take place.  I have already done a few refashions, but have more planned, and participating here will go a long way toward de-cluttering this house.  That is enough to make me smile today.

Funny, just writing has helped too.

And FYI for any readers, if you subscribe to my feed you should get a notice when I post something new.  I say “should” cause I am still a novice blogger and the ways and means of this media still elude me.


OK, I am going to complain, so if you don’t want to read you’ll just have to stop now and wait 8 weeks for my next, hopefully more cheerful, installment.

My house is a mess.  Homeschooling takes too much time.  I work too much for too little money.  The kids never stay in bed (I think someone is still up and it is 9:30 PM).  The garden is pathetic.  This summer has been so cold that I have only worn shorts a handful of times.  I can see winter coming already.  I think I am beginning menopause.  Someone let their dog poop on our driveway.  I am sick of only having one car and either being stuck at home or taking the kids on the bus.   M is always distracted and A has become a teenager about 7 years too soon.

Gosh, I thought I might come up with more than just that.  It doesn’t seem so bad now that it is down in writing.

Seriously, I am crabby.  Homeschooling does take a lot of time, and I don’t have much of it when you consider I work half time and do most of the domestic chores.  I also seem to have inherited a problem with restless legs and insomnia, which does nothing to improve one’s energy level and general joie de vivre.  On top of that, I have been dealing with some sort of chronic joint/muscle pain that is as yet undiagnosed, although 4 or 5 unpleasant ailments are all in the running.  These 2 health issues are probably the real source of this crabbiness.

I really don’t want any sort of diagnosis for a few reasons.  First, I have a very expensive health plan with a very high deductible which has not yet been met.  Second, I am not interested in having some diagnosis that will then make this health plan even more expensive.  Third, I am not interested in the types of interventions (read: medication) that the medical community will likely recommend.  Then I’ll refuse them, and get labelled a “problem.”  So, to add to all my frustration, I am trying not to eat any wheat, dairy, or eggs, (on the advice of my physician) since I happen to be allergic to them.  Theoretically, if I can stay off those foods for a few weeks, I should notice an improvement in the joint pain.  Problem is I fall off the wagon after about a week, and I have to start all over again.  Starting today, my goal is to remain allergen-free for 6 weeks.  Wish me luck, I’m going to need it.  (I should state here that I have had some tests for Lyme disease and RA, both were negative, but I think with RA there are many false negs, so that may still be a contender, ugh.)

So, we are all fine, really.  Homeschooling is going as well as it can, considering that both P and I are working as well, and we have no plans to change our educational choice.  The kids seem to be enjoying it at least.  It’s just a bit frustrating to have so many things to accomplish, and so little time, but I suppose much of that is just life with kids.  And this stupid joint pain is really just that, stupid, and not incapacitating or limiting in too many ways.  I really just want it gone. 

Anyone have a magic wand?