MInd Bending

Dear Readers,

Mornings are a trip in this house. Just the other day, this is what went on:

Me: M, what do you want for lunch, meatballs or ham?

M: What do you mean “what do I want for lunch?”

Me: Picnic at school today with the kids from CS, and you have to bring a home lunch. Meatballs, or ham?

M: Picnic at school?

Me: Yes.

M: Oh, yeah. Are we going geocaching?

Me: Yes. What do you want for lunch?

A moment of silence…..

M: mhrmph msim rgfls.


M: I don’t really like meatballs.


Me: (You’ll have to imagine my voice growing ever so slightly louder) OK, ham then. (I turn to walk away)

M: rimlsh sjiel ggyrns.


M: Is there any pasta?

Me: NO.

M: Is it going to rain?

Me: Maybe. Decide what you want for lunch or I’ll decide.

General thrashing around on the bed, punctuated by moaning. I turn to walk away.


Me: (through gritted teeth) What?

M: What is A having?

Me: Mac and cheese.

M: OK I’ll have that. Can I have some for breakfast too? (Bounds out of bed.)



MMM ’13, Week 1.5

Well, I have to say my MMM ’13 participation has been erratic.  But I really expected nothing less. Or more.

On the wearing front:

Self-hemmed scarf

Self-hemmed scarf

Self-drefted asymmetrical wrap skirt

Self-drefted asymmetrical wrap skirt

re-fashioned men's shirt and me-made necklace

re-fashioned men’s shirt and me-made necklace

On the making front, I got the facing attached to the neckline, and sewed up the back seam.  You know, when I read the online reviews of this Lisette pattern, I paid careful attention. Over and over again I read words like: Great for beginners, Came together like a dream, Whipped it up in one afternoon! Three weeks later and all I can say is “consider the source.” Those sewists must be more experienced than I, have more time than I, or have not embraced slow sewing!  I will continue to plow ahead at my snail’s pace, although at this rate I’ll be lucky to get one item sewn by the end of the month!

Slow and Steady

Well, I had hoped to be done with the Diplomat dress by now, but slow sewing is really slowing me down! Not to mention that this is the first dress I’ve ever attempted. And I really only have an hour a week or so to sit down with it.

Here are the new-to-me things I have tried during the construction process:

  • Stay-stitching
  • Finishing raw edges
  • Double pointed darts
  • Facing/interfacing

I think, now that the back and front pieces are attached, that the bodice is going to be too big :(.  I followed the directions and cut an 8 based on measurements. I’ll be sad if after all this work I can’t wear it! But this is a muslin, after all.  I’ll just have to try again with a smaller bodice size. Still, I haven’t yet put in the zip or sewn the side seams, and that will take a good inch plus off the garment.

A helped me with the facings and ironing on the interfacing 🙂 I’m hoping to steal some time this weekend to attach the facing to the neckline.