SSS 11 Wrap Up

well, I wasn’t as good about posting as I hoped, but I did a fair job of wearing hand made items. I even managed to style my items a little differently from my usual, thus busting out of my comfort zone a little.

My favorite re-style was this little wrap skirt I made ages ago from Comet’s old jeans and a scrap of fabric I had lying around. I usually wear this with a short sleeved shirt and flats, but here I paired it with my leggings on a cooler day, and really liked the look. DH even commented, which means alot!


Here I am at MacPhail Center for Music, wearing my shrug that I converted from an old turtleneck (think 80’s preppy handbook, ugh).  I was feeling very ambivalent about this refashion, but it looks kind of cute in this picture.  I’ll keep it around for awhile.


Here is the second shirt of DH’s that I converted for my own personal use 🙂  I used a New Look pattern as blogged previously, and cut the wrong size so the fit is less than perfect.  A few days after I finished the shirt, Sparkle, Comet and I all sat around making fabric flowers from the jersey scraps that remained after my turtle-neck to shrug refashion.  DH had the brilliant idea to dress up my tank with them:


And here is a close up.  They don’t look like much, but they make a big difference!


Last but not least, two of my favorite refashions.  The capris were salvaged from a pair of work pants, the shirt is my first refashion of an XL men’s shirt to petite woman’s top.  Love this thing!



Throwaway Thursday

Welcome to the first Throwaway Thursday!

I am tackling the upstairs attic space. Looks like it needs a little help, no?


Sparkle and Comet have been begging me to have a garage sale. So I have dutifully gathered clothing, toys, and other miscellany and dumped it up here to wait. Now, they’ll never let me just toss or donate these things. Their whole motivation for a garage sale is MONEY. Money in their hot little hands. So I had them set up a garage sale in the house. They were all over this situation, and ran upstairs immediately to gather their items, and the toy cash register to make it all real.

And who went shopping? Me, of course. I was a bit worried that their prices would be sky high, but they were very reasonable. I spent a total of $4. Here are my prizes:


And off they went yesterday to the thrift store! I kept the duplos for birthday/Christmas presents for my youngest nephews. Total number of items discarded: well, hard to count. The bag was full of random toys, so I’ll put that at 10, then add 1 apiece for each larger item that actually left, and it goes to 12.

Yippee for me! Although at this rate it will take a whole lot of Thursdays to clear this up.



Well, if life itself hasn’t been enough, I am adding more to my pile.

I resurrected my blog for a number of reasons.  At the top of the list: a reason to write more often.  And as sparse and infrequent my updates are, the blog has served this purpose.  I do write every day at work, but that is terse medical-ese.  Not the kind of writing I was longing to do.

Next month I am racheting it up.  The kids and I have signed up for NaNoWriMo!  I am very excited about this.  I have a plan to keep me motivated and (not-too) challenged.  I have at least 2 friends/acquaintances who are doing it too, and Sparkle’s teacher is offering to facilitate NaNoWriMo for the entire Navigator program!  Now, I have no expectations that I will write 50,000 words in a month.  I do plan to write every day, and have a daily prompt all set up for myself.  Comet and Sparkle already have books in progress, although each has a fresh idea as well.  Sparkle made some awesome drawings of monsters that she created from other things: the letter S, a question mark, etc.  I was hoping she’d morph that into a series, but she wasn’t so keen on that.

My other project is de-cluttering.  Now, if you know me well enough you know that certain areas of my home are clean enough.  Others are so full of clutter that I’d almost qualify for one of those reality shows.  This will be a constant battle, especially with children around, so I plan to start small.  Not too small, but just small enough.  Every week I will declutter and dispose of 10 objects.  I’ll gather them on Wednesday, my day off, and dispose of them Thursday.  First up is the pile of junk clogging the upstairs study area.  I had crazy aspirations to sell it all in a garage sale, but as it’s all been sitting up there for the better part of 2 years a garage sale isn’t happening any time soon.  It’ll kill me to toss books, but there are tons in this house, and some I’ll never use again.  There will be plenty of wailing and gnashing of teeth I am sure, but I’m determined to be firm with myself!  And now that this is in print and posted for all the world to see I can hardly back down, right?

So stay tuned next week: the first Throw-away Thursday!

Bamboo and balance

There is a bamboo plant on the counter in my rheumatologist’s office. What an incredibly simple, peaceful plant. What a reminder that beauty and strength do not have to be encumbered with clutter and deitrus. The bamboo plant just is.

I was in a good mood that day. It was easy for me to see the message of that bamboo, laughingly easy. Today not so much. I forget how quickly fatigue can swoop down on me from the clear blue sky. I really can’t afford these moments, I have too many things to accomplish in a day, and like many of us there is always more the next day.

I’d get a bamboo plant of my own, to remind me, but amidst all my other possessions it would just be more, an thus less of what it is supposed to be. I’ll just have to rely on my memory, my mental picture of the bamboo on the shelf.