Junk Heap

I am about to reveal the embarassing nature of the way we have been living lately.


Like this.






And this.



And don’t forget this.


I could pass it off as two parents who work full time and homeschool too.  I could talk about how tired we are all the time, and how at least the toys are all in one place, even if in multiple rooms, and on the floor.

Excuses.  Plain and simple.  Anyone who knows me knows I hate to clean, and I am remarkably bad at it.  It doesn’t help that I start many projects and keep them all running at the same time.  Add M and A to that mix and there are anywhere between twenty and thirty important unfinished projects all over the house.

Enough I say!  We are now officially in Phase One of complete toy storage overhaul.  Stay tuned.


First Day of School!

Homeschool, that is.

I have been announcing this to everyone today.  That includes: the children, Phil, my neighbor (former homeschooling dad) and my dad.  Phil and the kids, well, they didn’t have too much to say.  The neighbor asked what we did today, and the real answer is: the same stuff we always do, plus a little math and science thrown in.  And my dad (sorry dad!) was a little surprised, until I clarified that it is still school at home, not school at school.

The day went well, by all counts.  A little moaning here and there about “too much writing” (trust me, it was not too much, if anything it was not enough!).  And one refusal to sit on the couch to read because “Math is too fun, and I want to do it now!”  Hmm.

This is the year we will kick it up a notch, so to speak.  We are adding history, and a formal science program to our reading, literature and math basics.  We’ll add handwriting in a few weeks, likely accompanied by louder moans.

I’ve really been looking forward to this day all summer.  I think we all are excited to have a routine, structure and goals to guide our days.  It will help greatly in keeping us all organized, but not in that exterior way.  I mean internally organized, with the right amount of “to do” and just enough fun and rest time to balance it out.  I am mostly happy that the groans and moans and “It’s too hard” were weathered easily, with careful assessment of what had been accomplished, judicious administration of rewards, and time playing outdoors in the beautiful cool weather.

Here’s to a great second day.