Spring shift

Somehow I seem to have the energy to start sewing again, in the midst of tax time, and following the flurry of Girl Scout Cookie season.  I think the coming of spring, warmth and sun is fueling this, and my somewhat insane organizing attack on the upstairs.

I have no shortage of patterns in my stash, as well as yardage to go along with them. This year I plan to tackle this dress:



It is the Diplomat Dress from Lisette patterns, and it is just the right combination of cute and classic that suits my style to a T. There are multiple length options, and sleeve options. If you look closely you can see the construction of the bodice and front are in 2 pieces, with a center seam down the front. The detail can be brought out with topstitching. Here is a good example.

I am planning on using this fabric:



So excited! After I clean out that upstairs space I’ll have a whole huge table to work on!

And I’m busy now drooling over the best patterns over at Sewing Pattern Review. Off I go to dream some more!


One step at a time

5 days later here are the results:



And from another angle:



I wish I could say I’ve gotten rid of most of it, but the truth is we simply re-packaged and put much of the junk aside. Sparkle has been a huge help, and was really able to assess her possessions. Most of it is hers. She threw away far more than she would have a year or even 6 months ago. I’m really proud of her.

Just seeing this blank space of floor feels so freeing, cleansing. It really gives me the drive to finish off the other 3/4 of the space, and facilitate the process of moving these rooms. DH’s office will be next. I’ll only have a small hand in cleaning that out, as it involves his office papers and drawings from past projects. He is really good at tackling a huge project and working like a madman until it is all done. I hope to clear out this small room and get him started on the office this week.  I’ll spare you pictures of that.

Gosh, those pictures make it look so clean!


The house.

From clutter.

Hopefully once and for all.

I present to you, the ever-messy attic loft space.



And from the other direction:



What a holy wreck.

I say this every year, but I am determined, if it kills me, to clear this out and turn it into useable space.  Comet took over my closet of an office for his Minecraft server, and now I have my eyes on this spot. For my very own. For crafts and sewing space, and whatever other projects I have up my sleeve. Sparkle is helping this time around, and she too has an ulterior motive.

We are doing a mad shift of rooms and usage. Sparkle into Comet’s room, Us into Sparkle’s room, DH moves his office down to the sunroom (currently masquerading as our master bedroom, ha) and Comet upstairs into DH’s office. This really has nothing to do with the loft space, except that Sparkle instinctively knows that this is my first priority, and the sooner I accomplish this, the sooner I move onto the other rooms.

Also, my brother in law is coming in June for a visit. The plan is to have him camp out in Comet’s soon-to-be new attic room, and I’ll be damned if he’s going to walk past that heap of a mess in the loft space to get there.

Long Pause

Well, a blink and just like that we are in March, 2013.  School always does that to me, pulls me away from my creative time: writing, reading, sewing, creating.  The flurry of sudden activities and the bulkiness of the school day leave me drained, with no mental energy left.

Then comes winter.  And the complete shut down.

By mid-February the days are lengthening, and I can feel spring coming.  And with it the urge to make something new again, to be more than a person just moving through her days. Something inside me wants to break out, through the shell that has constricted me for so long.

So look for more from me in the upcoming weeks, months, maybe even days!