Being Green

Partly in an effort to be a little “greener”, partly to save money, we recently sold my car.  Mostly it sat in the garage, or sat in the parking lot while I was working.  Four days a week it zipped me down the road to work which took all of 5 minutes.  That seemed like an unacceptable park-to-drive ratio, so we sold it.  Now I bus it, carpool (read: get picked up curbside by my co-worker, thanks Steph!) or walk.  I started walking a month ago, on a beautiful Minnesota spring day (a rarety for all you non-Minnesotans).  Soon I was walking every chance I got, savoring the 40 minutes alone and the workout.  Just last week we pulled out my mountain bike, dusted her off and I took her for a test ride.  I forgot how fun it is to ride!  I rode it for the first time on Tuesday.  Fun, fun, fun!  And good for me too, not to mention the environment.

I really do worry about the state of the planet, a worry likely to spin off into free floating anxiety if I am not careful.  I try to focus on the things I can reasonably do to tread lightly, and not chastise myself for all my habits that are poor environmental decisions.  Any small change I make now is a positive change.   Thus the bike ride to work.  Doubly good.

Happy riding!



I feel like whining! 

I want to be free of many burdens. 

I want to be home all day long. 

I want to have all the energy I had twenty years ago. 

I want to live here, but be closer to friends and family at the same time. 

I want constant joy.

I want to learn to speak French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Hebrew.

I want to knit, sew and quilt.

I want to grow beautiful flowers and delicious vegetables.

I want to sleep for many days and wake up new.

I want to have my cake and eat it too.


Opening Day!

Ah, the first post of a new blog.  Like taking a long cool breath on a clear spring day.  A fresh start.

I hope I can manage to blog often enough to keep friends and family up to date on what is happening here in our little midwestern home.  We miss everyone, and this is one way to keep in touch.  I guess we could pick up the phone more often too ;).

I am off now to figure out how to work this blog (like add pictures, links, favorite sites etc.)  Also how to make the blog password protected, to keep out the riff raff.