Project 333 2014

So over at the Project 333 Courtney is gearing up for the next round of Project 333, to start October 1.  The basic premise is to move toward simplicity by wearing 33 items of clothing, shoes, accessories for 3 months.  Everything else gets boxed up or put away for that time frame.  The rules can flex to meet your needs and comfort level.  Some participants follow the guidelines to a T, others include only clothing, and many choose more or less than 33 items.

The twist this time is a challenge to post a different outfit a day for the first 33 days.


I find this very intriguing, but I know full well I cannot post daily, or even be relied upon to take an outfit photo daily.  So I think I’ll put together a core wardrobe for work and weekend, excluding accessories, workout gear, shoes and outerwear, and follow along as others post their outfits.  I’ve really been wanting to participate in project 333 for a while now, and now is the time.

At the same time, I will challenge myself to get rid of the equivalent of 33 items per day for the first month, and yes a piece of paper counts as one item!  I plan to get a head start this weekend, and hope to post my progress every few days this month.  So I guess a few times you’ll have a Project 333 outfit this month!


Unselfish sewing

6-Pac is over, but typically did not go completely as planned.  I couldn’t find a pattern in my stash to suit the pink floral fabric, so neither the dress nor the peasant blouse happened.  I nearly tried to do some franken-patterning, but I really love the fabric, and didn’t want to risk it. Then, I just plain ran out of steam before I got to the pink t-shirt, so I only ended up with 5 garments.  I think I was truly ready for a break though, after pushing through SWAP, and now this.  I am not thrilled with any of it really.  My favorites of the group are the cashmere T and the magenta tank.

Finished garments:


Yellow cashmere T


Re fashioned magenta tank


White T and navy jersey skirt


White T and green linen skirt.

Now that is it September, I am focusing on getting ready for Halloween.  Usually I start this in October, partly because I procrastinate, and partly because Sparkle and Comet make up their minds at the last minute.  This time they have each firmly decided to stick with their current obsession: Dr. Who.  Sparkle will be a Dalek, and Comet will go as the 12th doctor.  I’ve been designated the TARDIS.  I’ve made good headway on Sparkle’s Dalek dress, not much to photograph yet.  She and I snagged an XXL dress in the perfect blue jersey for my dress, and Comet shouldn’t be too hard to outfit.  The kids wanted to dress up Luna as the Sonic Screwdriver, but I fear she won’t have anything to do with it.