Throwaway Thursday

I had today off today, and I mean completely off. No appointments, no meetings, no giant piles of laundry to tackle, no emergency cleaning, just a totally clear schedule. What a relief!

So the upstairs went from this:


To this:


And I threw or donated this:


The table is visible! And useable!

And do you know what?  It took less than 24 hours for someone to use that table as a dumping ground.  And I swear it was not me!




Throwing nothing today



Egads, how did this happen? It was so clean a week ago? The awful truth: this is truly where I dump items after I clean a different part of the house. In this case, the extra junk is from my kids’ rooms. So I guess I’m “rearranging” rather than cleaning. Sigh.


But look at this side! A whole half of the floor is visible! The magic of rearranging, I can just keep shuffling it all around. At least part of the house will be clean.

Throwaway Thursday


So, yet more stuff. How can there be so much?  Does anyone else have the phenomenon of multiple, random small objects that your children insist are toys? I found these at the bottom of the bins: a bunch of useless riff raff. But if the kids were here to see, I am sure they would not let a single one of these go!  The truth: some I chucked, some I donated, the rest I dumped back in the bins.  I couldn’t stand sorting through it for another minute.



Here is this week’s pile, ready to leave!  Some went back to their original owners. Most just went to the thrift store, again. I also took the opportunity to organize the toy bins that are shown in the first picture. 


This side isn’t so great.


But look here!  You can see the floor!  And the table!  Wow!


On a different note, November is flying by.  And I have all of 4.000 words written for NaNoWriMo.  Blah.  But the kids are on tap to meet their goals, and are even having fun.  Hurrah!

Throwaway Thursday

I missed a Thursday post, drat! But I have been throwing! Last week I cleared out these items (plus 3 bags of clothing) from the upstairs space. Off to the thrift shop with those!


This week I took the Duplos, two puzzles, a pair of gloves, shirts and pants, and a bunch of Comet’s old underwear and sent it off to my three littlest nephews! (I cleared the underwear bit with my sister first. Seems her husband has a habit of flushing dirty undies down the toilet, so they could use a few spares.)




All those boxes left the house today! Phew! I am beginning to see more space upstairs. You can’t actually get at the table to use it, but you can imagine that you can. By that I mean you can see the table, which I could not have said a week ago.

My plan is to tackle the stuff that still remains on the table and the kids’ belongings first, then my pile of sewing projects, then the bookshelves. I am cooking! I can see the end in sight!