As in easing sleeves, which is not easy. So I think it should be called something else, like, Not Easing? Swearing and Throwing Things? I don’t know.

Anyway. I’m supposed to be working on SWAP, but I really want to complete this jean jacket I’m working on so I can get the machine serviced. I’ve tried 3 times to ease this sleeve in and it was just not working. This is time number 4, so this time I’m employing Ann Steeves’s method of setting in a sleeve. Here are my pins:


And here is the hand basting:


I was a chicken and did not take out all the pins.

After the first line of stitching, and on the intended recipient!

I am very pleased with this! It’s that old saying, the longest route is really the shortest. Truth: it did not take long to pin and hand baste, maybe ten minutes for each sleeve?

I’ll procrastinate now on the next hard thing: buttonholes.

Till next time!

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