SWAP 2019

The rules this year are very flexible, with the focus once a gain on producing a cohesive collection of 11 garments.

The collection starts with an inspiration piece, which for me is this wool suiting fabric:


Wool tweed

From there you choose 2 “main fabrics” to form the core of your collection. These can be any tone, multiple different fabrics. Then, you are permitted to make up to 5 accent items, but each fabric regardless of color counts for one accent.

For this year I originally chose neutrals: ivory and black, although pink is strongly in the running, as is blue.

Then I had a think through. I have 2 different ivory fabrics in the stash already plus a chunky knit, but really I would never wear white on my bottom half. So that is a strike against ivory as a core color.

I do have 1 piece of black fabric in stash, and one black cardigan that was finished prior to SWAP. A strike against black. Oh, actually, I have one RTW black t shirt. I would not mind purchasing another bit of black yardage for a shirt, so black is still in the running.

Pink. I straight-up love pink. I have 3 fabrics already that would fit this colorway: a pink ponte for pants, a deeper coral/pink stretch lace, and a very pink wool tweed that I’ve had for over 15 years. So from this already I have a shirt, pants, jacket.

Blue. Must be my second favorite color. I have a blue denim, a blue embroidered lawn, a blue knit for a sweater vest. So from this: a shirt, pants, vest.

Then there is purple. I have a very lovely eggplant purple wool knit that could easily become a skirt, and possibly a jacket, along with a lighter purple jersey that has already become this dress:


NL 6525

I really don’t want to purchase fabric at all. So it would make sense to have my main fabrics be pink and black, as I’ve already got enough in stash to make 5-6 garments.

Then ivory could be my main accent, with blue or purple taking a secondary role. I think I like this! Here is the run-down of garment possibilities.

Black wool Wrap

  • Wild card item/inspiration item


  • Jacket
  • Lace Tshirt
  • Pull on pants likely Jalie eleonore


  • Sweater vest own design
  • Woven shirt
  • Cropped jeans Burda



  • Jalie 2805
  • Raglan T
  • Cowl swing T LN 6525


  • Jalie jeans
  • Cardigan
  • RTW tee shirt


  • dress
  • skirt
  • jacket.


  • Floral print: T-shirt

I’ll never sew all of them, there are 17 options there!  I’ll have to map out a plan to keep me on track, I’d like to finish prior to the deadline this year. The jackets will take me the most time, so I’ll finish the wrap first, then move on to the pink jacket while sewing up some other more simple items concurrently.


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