SWAP 2018 Complete

All done with SWAP!  I managed to squeak out the last garment with 2 hours to go. I am a master procrastinator!

Here is my assessment of the whole process, copied from the Stitcher’s Guild website:


Neutral one BROWN:

1. Tan Jalie Eleonore jeans DONE
2. Brown Elle pants DONE
3. Previously sewn: linen Plantain tee DONE
4. Ecru knit Shirt No. 1 DONE

Neutral two BLUE

5. Pullover hoodie (Meg McElwee’s Craftsy class) DONE
6. Blue jeans, purchased DONE
7. Skirt (RTW copy, same fabric as hoodie) DONE

Print coral/blue/yellow jersey
8. Plantain tee DONE
9. Tank (RTW copy) DONE


Print 2 Brown patchwork burnout
10. Tank (RTW copy) DONE


Color pop: coral stretch jersey

11. Tank top (RTW copy) DONE

Number of patterns used: 6
Number of new patterns: 3 (including 2 RTW copies drafted during SWAP)
New things learned/tried: Stabilizing a loose knit while finishing a seam, creating a binding for seam finishing on interior.

Every single one of these patterns I will use again. I don’t think there is a single “Hmm, maybe I won’t wear this as much as I thought” item in the lot. I think they all work together much better than any group of items I have sewn. This has to have been my most successful SWAP to date, IMO.


The whole collection


Floral tank, quilted jersey skirt


RTW jeans and tank


Floral T, pull on jeans


My favorite hoodie!


Much loved plantain tee and quilted skirt


Coral tank, pull on jeans


Sweater, coral tank, favorite Elle pants


Clearly I am not a professional blogger. I am not going to mess around with the pictures, I can’t get them the same size!


My favorite makes: the hoodie, coral tank, pull on jeans, and Elle pants. I love them all!  The floral shirts are cozy, and I wear them a lot for work, which means they will probably wear out quickly.  That’s OK. They were quick makes.


Next up is another Sewing With A Plan, through The Sewing Place message board. This one is similar, 10 garments, with a sewing time frame from May to October. I am planning on participating in this one too.

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