2 Garments

Finally I have gotten started on my SWAP items! Between Christmas, a nasty virus that hit the family, and regular life events I had no time or energy to even sort through the patterns or cut fabric.

I started with the floral knit fabric for a few reasons.

  1. I was looking to add a print to my current wardrobe.
  2. Jersey is very easy for me to sew.
  3. I had enough yardage to get at least 2, possibly 3 garments.
  4. I would be able to use the serger and not have to re-thread it.
  5. I could batch sew, maximizing my time.

First I cut my favorite T: the plantain.  I used Sara Veblen’s knit neckband tutorial, and I ended cutting the band a little short, which pulled the neckline up a little higher than I wanted. It actually makes it a bit more work appropriate, so I’ll take it.

Next I traced off a pattern from DD’s swing tank that I have been coveting (insert evil grin.) For this I ended up doing a fold over binding for the neck and arm holes, using these two links as resources:

https://blog.colettehq.com/tutorials/how-to-bind-knit-edges-the-ultimate-guide https://www.victorypatterns.com/blog/2013/03/finishing-edges-with-bias-binding/.

Ironing the binding was very putzy, but I am always glad when I take that extra time and don’t try for short cuts! Turns out though, the armhole binding was a little sloppy, and pulled the armhole a bit tight. So, I did what anyone might do: chopped it and just turned and stitched.

Both are still waiting for pictures and hemming.

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