In the Deep Freeze

It is C-O-L-D out there! The high today was -5 F.  I took this picture of the frost on our window yesterday.


I am still in the thinking phase of SWAP. It has only just officially started anyway, but I really should get a move on.  I am behind cause I am making a fleece zip hoodie for DH, and I am stalling on various parts. I don’t know why, it is actually not that hard, but there are a lot more steps in this than in a t-shirt!  Here is a picture of the hood, he wanted the outer to be waterproof, and I had to modify it to have the inner green fleece.


I will probably keep sewing along on the hoodie, and when I need a break I’ll cut fabric for SWAP.  I am bouncing back and forth between using a TNT, or trying something new.  I should probably just do up a pair of SyleArc Elle pants, as they are a quick sew and also something I need, but they feel a bit boring right now.

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