Annual SWAP posting

Good morning from a soon-to-be-warm December Sunday. The temp is supposed to hit 50 today, very unseasonably warm for MN.  I am not complaining at all.

SWAP is on again, as per usual. This year’s rules are a little more restrictive for me than I usually find. No restriction on patterns or even garment type, but some seriously limiting color guidelines. Here they are:

Choose two neutral colors
Add one accent color and two prints OR two accent colors and one print
Make at least three garments from each neutral color
Make at least one garment from each accent color
Make at least one garment from each print
Remaining two garments may be made from any one or combination of your neutrals, accent(s) and/or print(s)
Create multiple outfits of at least two garments that work for your personal style
Each garment must work with a minimum of two outfits

Optional Accessory: add one self-made accessory as a signature piece that works with at least two of  your outfits

This completely derails my hopes to inject more color and pattern into my wardrobe, mostly because I am on a serious budget as usual, and I have a rather disjointed, limited fabric stash. I am also desperately in need of new basics (read: t-shirts), and all my work pants are looking pretty sad as I wear them multiple times per week. Two pair have likely been worn over 100 times! And the shirts? Not even gonna count. Also, need a few cozy sweatshirt/hoodies, as it gets cold here in fall and winter!

Gah! my head is moving in too many directions!

Here are my tentative plans:

Neutral one BROWN:

Tan Jalie jeans
Brown leggings
Natural sweater (cardigan, or pullover)
Previously sewn: elle pants or linen plantain tee

Neutral two BLUE

Embroidered chambray tunic/dress (cheyenne or west water tunic?)
blue mash up fabric (shirt no 1? tank?)
Blue jeans, purchased.

Print coral/blue/yellow jersey
Tunic or Hoodie

Color 1 Purple wool double knit
pullover based on shirt no 1
skinny pants or leggings.

Color 2 coral stretch jersey
Tank top/tunic

This is far more colorful than last year’s brown/blue theme, what with the coral and purple thrown in. Not much in the way of pattern, but oh well. Here are the fabrics I’ve curated for this SWAP:


I am seriously loving this combination! I’m not sure which to start with first. The practical thing to do would be a pair of work pants. The fun thing would be a hoodie or t-shirt with that floral print! Plenty of time to think it over.

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