One hour t-shirt

I made a t-shirt in one hour!!

OK, it is not quite done, as DD is not home for me to check the hem length, and I think the neck band will be too tight.


I used a knit from SR Harris, and after cutting it realized it is not as stretchy as some of the other knits I’ve used.  Hence the tight neck band.  The pattern is Jalie 2805 and oh boy is it easy.  It has multiple neckline options: cowl, crew, V neck, Henley.  DD likes the crew neck. It is not too low, and the body has just the right amount of curve for her tastes. I’ve made 4 so far including this one.

Last year I was amazed at all the people posting about their quickly sewn t-shirts. Now that I have a pattern I like and am familiar with (and has only 5 pattern pieces) I get it!  I feel like I’ve joined a secret club.

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