Adventures in Ottobre

I’ve dived in to the making of the blouse for DD.  I am using an Ottobre pattern, so that means I am in uncharted (for me) territory on a number of levels.

  1. I have never sewn a blouse with a placket in my life.
  2. Cuffs, buttonholes, and collars are completely new to me.
  3. Ottobre instructions are on the minimal side, and there is no cutting layout.
  4. Ottobre patterns do not have seam allowances-gasp!
  5. DD is a size 10 in circumference, and about a 12 in length, so I have to lengthen the pattern.

I think that is it, and that is enough. I thought I should blog the experience as a record for myself, easy enough on the weekend, and harder during the week.

Up today is lengthening the pattern, adding the seam allowance on the fabric itself (per Ottobre instructions), and cutting the pieces. That means I get to use my new sewing tool, a French Curve.

So first I measured from the armscye how far down to make my cut to lengthen the pattern.  Usually I am all just line it up and see what happens, but this time I measured!


See that is my new French curve.  I measured the front and back bodice pieces, added about 2 inches and ended up with this.


Sorry for the unedited  sun spots, and for my photo bombing feet.  I went ahead and traced out all the pattern pieces and added the seam allowances.  This was a very tedious process, but I realized that it is far easier to pattern match without the seam allowance. I added 5/8″ to give me lots of margin for error.

Next I’ll serge the edges, and start construction. Wish me luck!

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