Down to the wire

April 11, and I have just over 2 weeks to finish the SWAP.  DD has changed her mind on every turn, and we no longer have a rainbow swap, rather a mostly aqua and orange SWAP, with some random patterns thrown in.  That is all fine with me as I know she will wear nearly every item I have made so far.

The rundown on complete items is:

3 t shirts: one teal, one aqua, one teal striped.

2 pair leggings: one orange, one rainbow striped.

2 pair fleece pants: one brown and yellow polka dot, one green and pink/yellow floral.

1 fleece cowl neck sweater: light aqua.

1 magenta heather cocoon sweater.

Next item planned is a woven cotton blouse, which I am totally stalling on, and one as yet unnamed item.  We are missing a refashion, and I am stumped as to what to add in.  I may take her shopping in my closet for a garment to re-do.

For the blouse I need to:

Trace the pattern, add seam allowances, cut out the pattern.

Pin and cut the fabric.

Sew together.

Figure out how to do button holes.

Sew on buttons.

Hope it fits her!

Planning to get the pattern traced and cut, and fabric cut by the end of the weekend.  Tall order, as I am stalling like a champ.

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