My daughter totally hijacked my SWAP plans.  Little stinker. 😉

So I will be doing the Winter 6-PAC for me, and SWAP for her.  Truly this is better, cause I need the clothes like yesterday, and she can wait.  SWAP doesn’t even start until December 26, and the 6-PAC sew along runs from November-January.  I also need to beef up my TNT patterns, and it is easier IMO to do this with a 6 PAC and not so much with SWAP.

Having said that, I really have my work cut out for me.  She has me doing 2 pairs of leggings and one pair of capris, a pair of shorts, a reversible faux fur sweater, 2 tshirts (thank god), a tunic, and a shirt dress. Oh, and a faux shearling jacket.  Right. And actually I am forgetting something, cause there should be 11 items on the list and I only count 10.  Here is a preview:


legging pattern and fabric choices


Reversible sweater pattern and fabric choices.

I’ve already gotten one legging pair cut and partially sewn (you are allowed to sew up one item prior to the official start date.) I hope to get the other pair cut, the fleece sweater cut and pinned, and all other patterns and fabric purchased prior to the start date.

For me, I have already finished up one item (Barb pants, love them!), and am nearly done with the second (blue sweatshirt fleece pullover.)  No pics to post yet.  I’ll get cracking on a t shirt or 2, probably using my Renfrew pattern, then I have a cardigan to make from a charcoal and white striped sweater knit, and one more pair of Barbs.  I’ll pull together a reasonable  post about the Barbs when the second pair is completed.

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