6 + 1 Summer PAC

6 + 1 Summer PAC
Getting fancy here!  I have been sewing like a mad woman since the beginning of the year, so much that I killed my machine, the one I inherited from my grandmother.  Total items completed: 2 sets of leggings; 1 skirt; 2 long sleeve t shirts; 3 short sleeve t shirts; 1 sleeveless empire waist shirt; 1 tunic.  In progress is a green linen skirt refashion, in the queue are the floral skirt and the floral sundress.
I’ve done all this with the guidance of the kind folks at Stitchers Guild Sewing Forum.  First I jumped on board the SWAP, Sewing With A Plan, and now I’m onto the Summer 6-PAC sew-along.  Both involve some pretty intense amounts of sewing time, so whenI am done with this round I may cool my jets a little.  All in all I am really enjoying the sewing, and re-booting my wardrobe, which has become pretty sad and drab.  Follow the conversation at SG, if you’re interested!
Oh, and in case you love my collection so much, you can buy similar items below!  I receive no compensation for clicking through.  W

Vintage evening dress

Zalando sheer shirt
$22 – zalando.co.uk

Superdry t shirt
$43 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Vero Moda sleeveless blouse
$23 – veromoda.com

Toy G green pleated skirt
$200 – yoox.com

Girls Floral Skirt

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