Morning Musings

I run in the mornings, usually before 7 AM, and the world is quieter.  I live in the city, so it is never completely quiet, and the morning is punctuated with others doing their morning walk/run/bike, or walking their dogs.

My workout lasts about 30 minutes, and to keep my mind off the occasional discomfort of my run I think.  Not on purpose, really.  My mind is always thinking.

Sometimes I think about my stride, whether it is uneven, whether my knee hurts (as it sometimes does) and what to change to decrease the strain.  Sometimes I think about my family, or grocery shopping, or how much I don’t want to do the laundry when I get home.

Today I passed a neighbor as she was running.  I had Luna with me, and so I was busy corralling her, I was halfway into my second 5-minute run and breathing hard, and was running into the sun so I didn’t recognize her at first.  All I saw was a tall, thin, young woman running faster and more easily than I.  With a flash as we passed I realized who she was, said a quick and surprised “Hi!” and continued on.

I was spun into a world of conflicting thoughts.  She is a lawyer, so is her husband. They live in a big house near the creek, have a nanny, you get the picture.  I on the other hand, have a small rather unkempt bungalow, 2 children who are always dirty, and struggle to manage the house hold.  And you’ve seen the upstairs attic space!

So as I ran past the houses in this nicer part of my neighborhood I thought.  I thought about how I run in my old stretched out yoga pants and my brown trail shoes cause it’s all I have and hey, they are still usable.  I noticed the yards with sprinkler systems and perfect green grass.  And I wonder about appearances and realities.  All my shoes and yoga pants say about me is that I use what I have.  They have some life in them yet.  They say nothing about my personal or net worth.  But I notice these things, how others appear and how I compare.  And I wonder about my tendency to be frugal with clothing and when enough is enough, and when it is OK to give in to the voice inside that wants new yoga pants and just go get them.

These thoughts and more tumbled around in my brain as I ran.  I cannot say that I came to any brilliant revelations at all.  I’m likely to roll these thoughts around again sometime.

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