Adrift on a sea of…


I looked back just now on the pictures of the attic from my last 2 cleaning attempts.  HA!  That was small potatoes compared to what I have to deal with now.

The rooms have been switched.  DH and I have a proper room with a door and a closet!  Sparkle moved to Comet’s room across the hall from us.  Comet has taken over his half of the upstairs.  And my half is stacked to the rafters with boxes of junk, and the floor is covered with ancient toddler art work.  And this is a grand improvement over a week ago.

I have filled our garbage collection bin and the recycling bin twice already.  I have emptied out 4 bankers boxes (2 were those giant long ones).  And I’ve barely made a dent.  I haven’t even started on the closets yet!

In other news, I have been running using 5K runner.  This is a great app if you haven’t run ever, or if you are starting up again.  The app guides you through an 8 week program, alternating run time with walk time.  I am just starting week 4 today, and I’ve had to repeat days a few times, but I already notice a change in my mood, and my legs are stronger and slimmer.  No joke!  Actually, I guess the running mirrors my cleaning attempts, a little at a time and eventually you’ll get there!

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