Cover ups

Well, another long hiatus full of work and stress and no time for anything! I abandoned the dress after a major mishap. Attached the sleeves and they were too tight! Also, bodice too bog, hips too small. So I cursed a little and stuffed it away. Now I know not to finish off the seams in a muslin!

Then, DH cleaned out his office and put all his stuff in my workroom. He totally needed the space, but still. I have started so many times with this space that it is hard to stay positive. I ignored it for a month and I’m having another go at it. I’ll spare you the pictures.

Meanwhile, I need some storage boxes but really don’t want to spend the money on them. So I did this instead:


Covered a boring shoe box in stash fabric. Here’s another shot


You can see the unfinished inside on this one, but I don’t care about it. Small beans compared to all the work I have to do, but it made me feel good to get something creative done.

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