MInd Bending

Dear Readers,

Mornings are a trip in this house. Just the other day, this is what went on:

Me: M, what do you want for lunch, meatballs or ham?

M: What do you mean “what do I want for lunch?”

Me: Picnic at school today with the kids from CS, and you have to bring a home lunch. Meatballs, or ham?

M: Picnic at school?

Me: Yes.

M: Oh, yeah. Are we going geocaching?

Me: Yes. What do you want for lunch?

A moment of silence…..

M: mhrmph msim rgfls.


M: I don’t really like meatballs.


Me: (You’ll have to imagine my voice growing ever so slightly louder) OK, ham then. (I turn to walk away)

M: rimlsh sjiel ggyrns.


M: Is there any pasta?

Me: NO.

M: Is it going to rain?

Me: Maybe. Decide what you want for lunch or I’ll decide.

General thrashing around on the bed, punctuated by moaning. I turn to walk away.


Me: (through gritted teeth) What?

M: What is A having?

Me: Mac and cheese.

M: OK I’ll have that. Can I have some for breakfast too? (Bounds out of bed.)


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