MMM ’13, Week 1.5

Well, I have to say my MMM ’13 participation has been erratic.  But I really expected nothing less. Or more.

On the wearing front:

Self-hemmed scarf

Self-hemmed scarf

Self-drefted asymmetrical wrap skirt

Self-drefted asymmetrical wrap skirt

re-fashioned men's shirt and me-made necklace

re-fashioned men’s shirt and me-made necklace

On the making front, I got the facing attached to the neckline, and sewed up the back seam.  You know, when I read the online reviews of this Lisette pattern, I paid careful attention. Over and over again I read words like: Great for beginners, Came together like a dream, Whipped it up in one afternoon! Three weeks later and all I can say is “consider the source.” Those sewists must be more experienced than I, have more time than I, or have not embraced slow sewing!  I will continue to plow ahead at my snail’s pace, although at this rate I’ll be lucky to get one item sewn by the end of the month!

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