Slow and Steady

Well, I had hoped to be done with the Diplomat dress by now, but slow sewing is really slowing me down! Not to mention that this is the first dress I’ve ever attempted. And I really only have an hour a week or so to sit down with it.

Here are the new-to-me things I have tried during the construction process:

  • Stay-stitching
  • Finishing raw edges
  • Double pointed darts
  • Facing/interfacing

I think, now that the back and front pieces are attached, that the bodice is going to be too big :(.  I followed the directions and cut an 8 based on measurements. I’ll be sad if after all this work I can’t wear it! But this is a muslin, after all.  I’ll just have to try again with a smaller bodice size. Still, I haven’t yet put in the zip or sewn the side seams, and that will take a good inch plus off the garment.

A helped me with the facings and ironing on the interfacing 🙂 I’m hoping to steal some time this weekend to attach the facing to the neckline.

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