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Ooh Look! I posted a widget!!!

Me-Made-May ’13, the nearly annual event that celebrates sewing, individuality and sustainability and encourages all sewists to wear their creations. Pioneered by Zoe of So, Zo fame. This lady is full of creativity, thrift and style, and is a sewing blogger I’ve been following for a few years now.

Many bloggers aim to wear one handmade item for each day of May, but I have nowhere near that many self-made clothes to wear, so I’ve altered my pledge thusly: I’ll wear at least 2 me-made garments per weeek, and complete 2 new garments by the end of the month. I think this is reasonable, given I am a third of the way through sewing my Diplomat Dress!!




And look!



I’m taking serious care to press and finish my seams this time. Usually I am in a big rush, and skip lots of steps, but this time I am trying to practice “slow sewing.”


Check it out! This dress has four panels that make up the front: 2 for the “bodice” and 2 for the skirt. I couldn’t have matched the seams any better than that! I know the pattern on the fabric doesn’t match, but this is a muslin, and the pattern is so busy and dark that I don’t think it matters much.

I hope to sew up the darts on the back of the dress and attach the back to front by the end of the week. I am taking my time, hoping it will turn out well.  Me-Made-May is just around the corner!



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