Spring shift

Somehow I seem to have the energy to start sewing again, in the midst of tax time, and following the flurry of Girl Scout Cookie season.  I think the coming of spring, warmth and sun is fueling this, and my somewhat insane organizing attack on the upstairs.

I have no shortage of patterns in my stash, as well as yardage to go along with them. This year I plan to tackle this dress:



It is the Diplomat Dress from Lisette patterns, and it is just the right combination of cute and classic that suits my style to a T. There are multiple length options, and sleeve options. If you look closely you can see the construction of the bodice and front are in 2 pieces, with a center seam down the front. The detail can be brought out with topstitching. Here is a good example.

I am planning on using this fabric:



So excited! After I clean out that upstairs space I’ll have a whole huge table to work on!

And I’m busy now drooling over the best patterns over at Sewing Pattern Review. Off I go to dream some more!

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