One step at a time

5 days later here are the results:



And from another angle:



I wish I could say I’ve gotten rid of most of it, but the truth is we simply re-packaged and put much of the junk aside. Sparkle has been a huge help, and was really able to assess her possessions. Most of it is hers. She threw away far more than she would have a year or even 6 months ago. I’m really proud of her.

Just seeing this blank space of floor feels so freeing, cleansing. It really gives me the drive to finish off the other 3/4 of the space, and facilitate the process of moving these rooms. DH’s office will be next. I’ll only have a small hand in cleaning that out, as it involves his office papers and drawings from past projects. He is really good at tackling a huge project and working like a madman until it is all done. I hope to clear out this small room and get him started on the office this week.  I’ll spare you pictures of that.

Gosh, those pictures make it look so clean!

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