On first weeks, and water

First week of school down.  Not a whimper from Sparkle, and minimal groaning from Comet.  My children are growing up.  I can feel it this year.  They are moving away from me, little by little, and now they’ve moved far enough that I notice it.

So far, all 5 days of it, our experiment with part-time schooling is working.  Comet is so much more relaxed and easy to be with.  He feels better too.  He agrees to more and argues less.  And me?  My solo Wednesdays are totally gone now, but Comet doesn’t need me so much.  He can go off and do his online math, or programming, or piano, with nothing from me but a prompt.

This is a transition moment, I am sure of it.  We are moving, like water, to another way of being.  I feel this deep inside, in a way I can’t explain.  I see it in the creek bed, low from drought.  I notice it in the way the trees bend in the wind, in the blue of the sky, the sun setting.  For now I am unafraid, only curious, wondering where the current is taking us, relaxing for the ride.

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