Academy Expanding Hours

Hello dear readers.

The Academy, which hence has been open for summer only, is pleased to announce new hours for the fall semester.  Beginning September 1, we will be open on Wednesday and Friday, for math instruction and independent study.  This offer currently applies to Comet alone.

He has been moping and whining his way through the school year, aided in part by a new friend of his, complaining about the “stupid work and stupid rules” of school.  He feels very stifled, and is upset that he cannot spend time on the things he likes to do, because school takes up too much time.  The only thing he likes about school is his friends, and even then he does not have enough social time to interact with them. (Take that, you nay-sayers of homeschooling!  Who says brick and mortar schools provide more social opportunities!)

We had a few conversations with his wonderful teacher, did a little homework on state statutes and district policy, and came up with the idea that Comet go to school 3 days a week, and stay home for 2 days.  This is sanctioned in district policy as an excused absence generated by the school and parents.  Some time over the summer we all will get together to plan out curriculum, and decide how Comet will present his independent studies to his classmates.  I am rejoicing inside, as this is the first step to returning to homeschooling for him.  Middle school will be a disaster in many ways.  I am sure there are advanced opportunities, but I truly fear they will not be adequate for him, and he’ll get lost along the way.

So Comet, as if to prove a point, has completed his novel and composed a piece for multiple instruments and set it to a video that he cobbled together.  When DH pointed this out to him, he shot back, “See!  I really should be homeschooling!  School is stressing me out.  If you keep this up I’ll be homeless and miserable when I’m 40!”

Sheesh!  At least we are listening!  Stay tuned for more curriculum developments from Nebula not-so-Classical Academy.

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