I have the week off, and am trying to take advantage of the time by writing, something I rarely get to do.  Consequently, you all get to see what’s going on inside my head.

This summer is a summer for change.  I have lots of energy, more than I’ve had the last few years, and I’m motivated to use it!  As always, I’ll have to rein myself in, as I tend to run forward with too many projects, but I think I have a plan for this.  I see my project areas as concentric circles, like an archery target.  This helps me limit the number of projects going on at any one time, while allowing the variety I desperately crave.

The outer circle represents the area outside my house, and I have one project going on there.  The next circle represents the inside of my house, and I have 2 projects going on there.  Circle number three is our physical selves, and I have one project in action, and one planned.  And the bulls-eye is the essence of ourselves, our soul, spirit, core.

This my readers, is where an old project is being resurrected: The New Road Map.

I read the book associated with this plan years ago, and never had the gumption to take it all the way through, but I am intrigued once more with the idea that my money can work for me, instead of the other way around.  I already practice this philosophy in one way or another.  And DH and I are both blessed to have work we love.  But with children in school, and one gradually returning to homeschooling, the time we spend out of the home on this work is a barrier.

The New Road Map is just that: a way to look at your life and potentially stop running on the treadmill, examine where your money really goes, and get the most value from it that you can.  The Map is based on your needs and wants, so you can chart your own financial course, and your own life course.

If nothing else, it inspires me to take a more thoughtful look at what I do with my time and finances.  I am thrilled to see this organization still at work, and happy to welcome it back to my life.

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