Homeschool Redux

Faithful readers, it looks like the Academy is ready to open part time, after a 2 year hiatus.

Comet simply cannot stand school anymore.  He is restricted by the rules and lack of choice.  He has no time to explore the things he really wants to do in life, and this includes more than just playing video games.

He wants to finish his book.

He wants to write computer programs.

He wants to read whenever he wishes.

Luckily, we have full support from his teacher on this.  The plan is to have him home 2 days a week and in the classroom 2 days.  With his teacher we’ll make a plan this summer and call his homeschool days “independent study.”  This will satisfy the district policy and make the home days excused absences, and will avoid the stickiness of trying to partial homeschool while open-enrolled (mucho administrative headache!)

Sparkle?  She is just fine.  Loves school and her friends and would sleep over there if she could.

Me and DH?  Well, we always knew it would come back to this, for a variety of reasons.  I am surprised Comet made it through 2 whole years at school.  Actually he asked to homeschool at the end of last school year, and then again multiple times this year.  I am secretly relieved, as this gives me ammunition to keep him home for middle school.  I absolutely do not want him in a brick and mortar middle school.  I am looking forward to watching him as he manages his time and chooses his learning path.

And this gives me  a whole year to map out our path to keep him home completely for 6th grade.  I’ll need every minute of that, and then some.

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