Organizing (or Why is the Doll Box Full of Everything But Dolls?)

Sparkle and DH are sleeping, Comet is away at a sleepover, and I have had the house to myself for 2 hours!  Hence the second blog post in as many days.

I have given up on cleaning the upstairs space.  I can’t hardly bear to look at it, much less take a picture.  It is worse than anything you can imagine.

Instead, now that I have this beautifully minimalist MacBook, I am cleaning my office.  I have attempted this before too, only I am far more successful this go ’round.  I didn’t take a before photo, but I have one archived somewhere, and once I figure out how to find it I’ll edit it in.


My new workstation


Old workstation, with soon-to-be-gone PC.


View across the desk (taken from inside the closet)


Wall behind the new workstation

I am very pleased so far.  There is far more clear space on this desk, and it is so much more inviting and motivating.  Once the PC is gone I will set up my sewing machine in the second workspace, all my current projects will be stashed in the closet for easy access.  I won’t have to hunt for space and supplies.  Peace!  Joy!

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