Paradigm Shift

Well, again a long hiatus.   I’ll spare you too many details, but suffice to say that Girl Scout Cookie sales, Destination Imagination, and tax season took up most of my time the last few months.

But I’ll always be back 🙂

My life is about to be swallowed up again with summer plans, garage sale (a real one, with paying customers and everything!), visits from relatives and camps for Sparkle and Comet.  I am currently exhausted from hauling things around the basement in search of items for the garage sale.  I actually found the baby swing, high chair, and johnny jumper from when the kids were, well, babies.  Sparkle found 2 or 3 things she wanted to keep, and Comet hasn’t seen the pile yet.  I have many more big items than I originally thought, so I am pleased about that.  I am going in with a friend on this, and she’s got plenty to sell too.  Crossing our fingers for good weather.

I had a fabulous Mother’s Day.  The weather was perfect, 70’s with a clear blue sky.  My family made me breakfast.  The kids hardly fought and showered me with school-made gifts.  We all trekked out to the west metro for a wool and knitting festival which was simply fabulous.  Afterward we stopped at a winery for a tasting, I got a little tipsy, and the kids ran around with their friends in the countryside.  The biggest surprise?  My new MacBookAir!  I am so thrilled!  it’s fast, compact and beautiful!  My poor old computer is now sitting neglected, but I am not sad to see it go.  I get so much more done so quickly, like blogging!  Maybe I’ll be around more.

It has not been an adjustment at all to the Mac.  I really didn’t get the PC anyway, so this seems fine.  Better even.

I hope to sew more this summer, clean my office (I’ve given up on the upstairs) and organize my files.  Maybe paint Sparkle’s room, and sew some curtains.  We’ll see.

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