Throwaway Thursday

I missed a Thursday post, drat! But I have been throwing! Last week I cleared out these items (plus 3 bags of clothing) from the upstairs space. Off to the thrift shop with those!


This week I took the Duplos, two puzzles, a pair of gloves, shirts and pants, and a bunch of Comet’s old underwear and sent it off to my three littlest nephews! (I cleared the underwear bit with my sister first. Seems her husband has a habit of flushing dirty undies down the toilet, so they could use a few spares.)




All those boxes left the house today! Phew! I am beginning to see more space upstairs. You can’t actually get at the table to use it, but you can imagine that you can. By that I mean you can see the table, which I could not have said a week ago.

My plan is to tackle the stuff that still remains on the table and the kids’ belongings first, then my pile of sewing projects, then the bookshelves. I am cooking! I can see the end in sight!

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