SSS 11 Wrap Up

well, I wasn’t as good about posting as I hoped, but I did a fair job of wearing hand made items. I even managed to style my items a little differently from my usual, thus busting out of my comfort zone a little.

My favorite re-style was this little wrap skirt I made ages ago from Comet’s old jeans and a scrap of fabric I had lying around. I usually wear this with a short sleeved shirt and flats, but here I paired it with my leggings on a cooler day, and really liked the look. DH even commented, which means alot!


Here I am at MacPhail Center for Music, wearing my shrug that I converted from an old turtleneck (think 80’s preppy handbook, ugh).  I was feeling very ambivalent about this refashion, but it looks kind of cute in this picture.  I’ll keep it around for awhile.


Here is the second shirt of DH’s that I converted for my own personal use 🙂  I used a New Look pattern as blogged previously, and cut the wrong size so the fit is less than perfect.  A few days after I finished the shirt, Sparkle, Comet and I all sat around making fabric flowers from the jersey scraps that remained after my turtle-neck to shrug refashion.  DH had the brilliant idea to dress up my tank with them:


And here is a close up.  They don’t look like much, but they make a big difference!


Last but not least, two of my favorite refashions.  The capris were salvaged from a pair of work pants, the shirt is my first refashion of an XL men’s shirt to petite woman’s top.  Love this thing!


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