Throwaway Thursday

Welcome to the first Throwaway Thursday!

I am tackling the upstairs attic space. Looks like it needs a little help, no?


Sparkle and Comet have been begging me to have a garage sale. So I have dutifully gathered clothing, toys, and other miscellany and dumped it up here to wait. Now, they’ll never let me just toss or donate these things. Their whole motivation for a garage sale is MONEY. Money in their hot little hands. So I had them set up a garage sale in the house. They were all over this situation, and ran upstairs immediately to gather their items, and the toy cash register to make it all real.

And who went shopping? Me, of course. I was a bit worried that their prices would be sky high, but they were very reasonable. I spent a total of $4. Here are my prizes:


And off they went yesterday to the thrift store! I kept the duplos for birthday/Christmas presents for my youngest nephews. Total number of items discarded: well, hard to count. The bag was full of random toys, so I’ll put that at 10, then add 1 apiece for each larger item that actually left, and it goes to 12.

Yippee for me! Although at this rate it will take a whole lot of Thursdays to clear this up.



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