Bamboo and balance

There is a bamboo plant on the counter in my rheumatologist’s office. What an incredibly simple, peaceful plant. What a reminder that beauty and strength do not have to be encumbered with clutter and deitrus. The bamboo plant just is.

I was in a good mood that day. It was easy for me to see the message of that bamboo, laughingly easy. Today not so much. I forget how quickly fatigue can swoop down on me from the clear blue sky. I really can’t afford these moments, I have too many things to accomplish in a day, and like many of us there is always more the next day.

I’d get a bamboo plant of my own, to remind me, but amidst all my other possessions it would just be more, an thus less of what it is supposed to be. I’ll just have to rely on my memory, my mental picture of the bamboo on the shelf.

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