Confession: I read style blogs.

Laugh all you want. It is laughable, I know. Today I am wearing a pair of baggy old tennis shorts, my son’s discarded crew socks, my trail shoes, and a shapeless pink sleeveless tee from the year 2000 or possibly earlier. I can hear you laughing now.

I only read a few of these style blogs, three regularly, and I peek in on a few others occasionally. They are really quite interesting, and much more than just a series of outfit photographs with a caption or two thrown in. My 3 faves have these in common: Each of the authors or contributers is a little quirky. Each makes no bones about personal style no matter what that style is. The whole point is to feel comfortable and confident and express your own self, not to attempt to live up to anyone else’s standard. And each blog, some more than others, has some discourse on body image as well.

This last, more than anything else, is what keeps me coming back to my top 3. I have always been thin and the subject of envy. I am still thin, by most accounts. But this winter I gained nearly 15 pounds, much to my horror. And horror it is. I didn’t hit my top weight (achieved in college after too many late nights with beer and pizza) but I came close. I mentioned this to my work colleagues and they all but laughed me off. In fact, one person did laugh. Or rather, snort. the message was thus: You are thin. You have no cause to complain.

My response? Well, at work I was PC and just gave some vague response about how thin people can be out of shape just as easily as overweight people, blah, blah, blah. Inside I was incensed. I mean really! The actual number that show up when I step on the scale does matter to me, but mostly beacuse when it goes up my clothes don’t fit. And it means my fitness is on the decline, and sometimes my health.

So even though I am thin I have just as much right to be disappointed with my body, and just as much right to be understood for that disappointment.

And, by the way, I rock those tube socks and hiking shoes!


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