Summer Refashion #1

I have vowed to make a little headway this summer, reducing my pile of clothes to be refashioned. First up is a shirt of P’s.

Hopefully to be transformed into view D of NewLook 6483. This pattern was purchased at least 10 years ago, and remains available in NewLook’s line. A classic, but a typical and safe choice for me. It is going to be a trick to lay the pieces out, as I can’t use the yoke portion of the shirt. My plans are to ditch the zipper in the back and use the existing buttons/button hole placket instead, and to shorten the length by an inch. Shouldn’t be a big deal as the shirt is already hemmed, which accounts for 5/8″. That and my petite stature, ahem, means I can easily take out that inch, maybe more.

I really hope I don’t doink around with it. I am very good at procrastinating, but I just want to get this one done. My goal is Wednesday, 4 days from now.


Me in the shirt, pre-refashion.  (My 7-year old daughter took this picture with my phone.)


Close up of the shirt fabric and the pattern I’ve chosen.  Can’t wait to get started!

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