Nebula Academy Closing in August

Yes folks, you read that correctly.  The Academy is closing its doors at the end of August 2010, after a successful 9 year run.  The teaching staff is grossly underpaid, and both teachers have resigned in order to pursue more lucrative careers.  It’s 2 students will be attending public school in the fall.

You may wonder how we all feel about this turn of events?  Emotions are mixed, as you can imagine.  We have had a long time to process this, and truly I feel that this year of homeschooling we were just marking time until we found an appropriate educational setting for the children.  P brought up the idea first, and I alternated between panic, dread and relief.  He, being pragmatic and logical, was all business as we went through the steps of finding, assessing and applying for the school we eventually chose.  Now that we are looking at one month left as homeschoolers, he is the one dreading and mourning our homeschool life, while I seem to have morphed into one of “those parents” who can’t wait till the summer is over and the house is quiet again.

The children, after a month or two of despair, are actually looking forward to starting school.  I was mostly worried about A, who is a bit of a mamma’s girl, but she seems eager to go.  I think the cute back pack and all the school supplies may have helped just a little bit.  M is all jazzed cause he has access to a laptop and can continue to write his novel and do his online math program.  The school is having a new family picnic next week, and that will be a great way for the kids to get used to going to the school and getting dropped off there.

We’ll always keep homeschooling as an option if this situation doesn’t work out.  Actually, if this doesn’t work I don’t think there is a school in the metro that would work for my kids.  I have a good feeling though, that this is all going to be just fine, that their needs will be met, that we’ll all make the necessary adjustments, and that we will have a successful year at school.

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