15 Minutes of Fame

Today the whole family tromped through the snow and cold to audition for a part in our church musical.

That’s both a whole lot more and less dramatic than the actual event.

Our church, just 3 blocks from our house, is planning a production of Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  It was cold today, and there was snow on the ground, and a certain amount of tromping did happen as we made our way to our auditions today.  Now, when I say “audition” I mean this:  we chatted with the directors of the play and we each got up and sang a song for them.  (All of us except A, who was suddenly overcome with extreme shyness, but they let her off the hook as she is only 6.)  The directors (very nice people) took great pains to say many times that anyone who tried out would get a part, I think to encourage a big turnout for the auditions.  P sang “Way up Yonder,” a song he co-wrote with M.  M actually accompanied him at the recital, very cute!  He did just great too, although I could tell he was nervous.  Then M sang “Twinkle” in his cute little husky voice.  And then it was my turn.

Now, I had initially planned on singing something very simple, like “Happy Birthday” because I was overcome with an irrational amount of fear whenever I thought about singing all alone, in a quiet room, in front of 2 musically talented people who were not only Listening To Me but also had the power to not give me a part in the play.  I was also terrified of looking foolish.  Then this morning, before we left for the auditions, P commented that he thought I should get a part in the play because I had a nice singing voice.  I just nodded, but I kept hearing that side comment in my mind, and I thought well, how are they going to hear my voice if all I do is sing Happy Birthday?  So I scoured my brain for a song that might be appropriate, and came up with one from Shennandoah: A Beautiful Pair.  My girlfriend and I used to sit in her family’s living room and listen to the score from the broadway play and put on our own little productions (do kids do that anymore?) so I had lots of practice singing the song 30 years ago.  Why not?  So I practiced the song in the kitchen as I did the dishes.  I sang it to A a bunch of times.  And I worried that I was being too vain, silly, show-off-y by choosing this broadway tune and imagining that I could actually sing it.   I figured Happy Birthday would be my plan B.

I was so nervous that I nearly reverted to plan B, but I did not.  I got up there and sang that song, knees knocking the whole time, but I sang it, and not too badly, thank you very much.  When I was done I had to sit down or I might have fallen down!  And one of the nice directors asked me if I had any voice training (!) and the other asked me what my range was (alto) and if I was interested in a secondary part (yes).  So I think I’m in 😉  And secretly, I’ve always wanted to sing that song for an audience!

One thought on “15 Minutes of Fame

  1. Hey… I remember those productions!

    Well, okay. All I recall is “Oh – you – feel – bad…! And under a curse! Your life is sad! Your prospects are worse! Your wife is sigh-ing! Cry-ing! And – your – ol – ive – tree – is – dy – ing. Temples are graying and… teeth are decaying and… creditors weighing your purse!” but don’t ask me where it’s from.

    I won’t even mention the 70’s threads that accompanied those times. 😉

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