End of Semester Update

Well, so much for blogging once a week!  Homeschooling sure takes up a lot of time as these kids get older.  Here is a quick list of what we do/use.

For #1:

Aleks math grade 4

Singapore Math 4A, 4B

Math for Young Competitiors (taught by a homeschooling friend)

Story of the World Ancients

“God’s Design” Science series (with a dose of evolution thrown in, for balance)

Sentence Island, Grammar Island

Latin (through STAR Academy)

Art History (through STAR Academy)

Suzuki Piano

Composition Lessons

Chess Club

For #2:

Miquon Math, Red Book (grade 1)

Phonics Pathways

Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading

English for the Thoughtful Child

“God’s Design” Science Series

Story of the World, Ancients

Art (through STAR Academy)

Survey of Legends and Tales (through STAR Academy)

Suzuki Piano

The children also go to Young People’s Concerts performed by the Minnesota Orchestra and Plays at Stages Theater.  I signed them up for these, thinking I would be taking them, but then I switched my work schedule and now P gets to take them.  So my schedule is crazy: I am out of the house taking the kids to a class or club everyday, or else at work for all or part of the day.  STAR Academy winter semester ends soon, and I am looking forward to a month of peace!

I have been a little frustrated with our lack of forward progress this fall, but now that I look back I realize that my goals were unreasonable given how little we are actually at home.  This is part of the process with homeschooling: riding the waves of your life and realizing that the ebbs actually produce the flow foward that will come eventually.  It’s a great life lesson for the whole family, and one I constantly have to re-learn.  I am always amazed at how much learning happens without formal schooling or lessons.  Last summer, after a long hiatus, #1 started his Aleks Math program and just whipped through grade 3 in a matter of hours.  #2 had a sudden burst in reading ability just this month after doing absolutely no phonics work for weeks.  Is this a hallmark of kids like mine or of kids in general?  I’ll probably never know, but it is amazing to see it happen.  Especially great for A is that the reading ability coincided with a huge surge in confidence at the piano.  She has some big footsteps to follow and I think that has been quite daunting for her, but now she is coming into her own.  I am thrilled and relieved to see her joyfully practicing and performing.

I think the flow forward is beginning.  I hope I can recognize the ebb when it returns.

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