Sunnier day

So I’ll try to be a bit more cheery today, even though  my hands and feet hurt (a little) and it is only 6:30 AM.

To add to my already-full plate I have signed up to participate in this.  Nikki hosts a blog for refashioners, people who take their (or other people’s) old clothing and turn them into something new.  I have been following this blog for about a year, and am just amazed at the transformations that take place.  I have already done a few refashions, but have more planned, and participating here will go a long way toward de-cluttering this house.  That is enough to make me smile today.

Funny, just writing has helped too.

And FYI for any readers, if you subscribe to my feed you should get a notice when I post something new.  I say “should” cause I am still a novice blogger and the ways and means of this media still elude me.

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