Obsession: Legos

Need I elaborate?

I have been waiting for this.  Worrying a little about why the kids were not as excited about Legos as other children seemed to be.  Then suddenly obsession hits.  They now spend a large portion of every day making different space ships or probes or droid reconnassance craft or land speeders, or lava speeders…

Mining Ship

Mining Ship

Part of the current surge of interest was sparked by Star Wars.  We have watched the first 3 movies (the middle trilogy) recently, and we just happened to have a space-themed Lego set (thanks g-ma!) that mostly sat in the closet.  Now it sits mostly in various stages of creation.  The other element, I think, has to do with M’s friend who is interested in both Legos and outer space.  Whenever he comes over the three of them create the above mentioned space ships.

Space Rover

Space Rover

Other than the cleaning mayhem that ensues, I am all for this obsession.  There is no amount of creativity, story-telling, collaboration that goes on when the Legos are involved.  The kids are even planning to make a movie based on their Lego creations and a space race story they wrote a few weeks ago.  This will be our major summer school project: art, science, language arts, media arts, public presentation, computer animation all rolled into one.  We hope to have it ready for a film screening that is put on throughout the summer by a friend of a friend who owns a family-style bar and grill.  Usually the films are produced by adults, but the bar and grill owner is more than willing to have the kids show their film too!  Very exciting!

Rebel Explorer

Rebel Explorer

I am trying to make the committment to blog at least once a week, but usually I am beset with perfectionism which brings everything to a halt.  Today the kids are drawing space ships (what else?) and getting along, so I took advantage of these few cosmically smooth moments to post.

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