Well, we have gotten our first glimpse into what life with an adolescent girl might be.  A seems to be smitten with Draco Malfoy, of all characters!

It started innocuously enough.  The kids just recently watched HP3, and as usual they were role playing, trading off who would be Harry, Hermione, or Ron.  I usually ended up being Mrs. Weasley, or Professor McGonagall.  But this past week they’ve been fixated on the Malfoys, with me as Narcissa, A as Draco, and M as Harry impersonating Crabb.  I went along, and used it to my advantage.  They are remarkably compliant if “Narcissa” asks “Draco” to clear the table for example.  I did get hexed a fair amount by Harry/Crabb, but I wielded my best pure-blood attitude, and Harry usually backed off.  We had a funny dinner last week when A/Draco helped me prepare and serve the following: Salamander sauce, Spike fish, Poison Ivy juice, and rotten vegetables. 

Then the Easter bunny brought each kid an HP sticker book, and A has spent nearly every moment staring at the sticker of Malfoy.  DH printed off a few pics from the computer for her and she has these tacked onto her bulletin board.  I swear, yesterday she lay dreamily on her bed, examining every square inch of that Draco Malfoy sticker!  Isn’t it too soon for all this mooning over celebrities?  And if this is what happens at age 5, what happens at 12?  17?  I think we’re in trouble.

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