I love homeschooling.  Here is what I love about it today.

We were at our homeschool academy today, as we are every Wednesday, and both M and A just took off for their classes and left me in the dust!  They each seem to have found a passion, for now.  I wonder if we had the schedules and rigor of school and homework would they have had the space and time to find these passions?

M has developed a real love of chess.  He played last year in the same homeschool academy, but he was only 6 and had real challenges with attending to the game.  (Consequently he lost a lot.)  What a difference a year makes!  He is actively engaged in each game he plays, and has even won a few games this year.  Often after dinner he pulls the chess set out and we play a few games before bedtime.  He is even asking to play in a tournament!

A has joined a drama class for the preschool set.  We have long suspected there is a hidden (or not so hidden) performer inside her, but this fall she was plagued with tremendous separation anxiety.  I wasn’t so sure how this semester at the academy would go, since this is her first time taking classes there.  Well, I needn’t have worried.  Two other parents have sat in on the classes and later told me how A just blossomed!  In fact, she learned her lines for her plays (she will be Little Red Riding Hood and Mama Bear) in just one day.

And the best part is that this is school.  We don’t have to squeeze this in after a day at school, or on a weekend when everyone is tired.  And this wonderful creativity and strategic thinking is validated for my children every day!

That is what I love about homeschooling today.

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