Book Review

Well, thought maybe this blog needed some focus, and so I decided to review a book I am reading, chapter by chapter.  HA!  Where in my brain is the little synapse that fires when I am over committed???  Did I miss out on that vital piece of anatomy by virtue of faulty DNA?  Apparantly, yes.  The first installment is due in March.  The book?  “Creative Home Schooling: A Resource Guide for Smart Families” by Lisa Rivero.  I’m actually a few chapters in, but I tend to read fast and miss some details (a new phenomenon, due either to an aging brain, or oxygen starvation due to the extreme cold here in this northern clime) so re-reading, and blogging about it will help me to solidify the details, and apply them to our current family situation.  I’ll say this:  If you’re homeschooling or living with fast learners, this book is a great resource.

On other fronts, I am presenting a case study (co-written by my friend and colleague, SV) in a poster session at the APTA Combined Sections Meeting in 2 weeks.  I am beginning to get extremely nervous for many reasons, not the least of which is that I have nothing to wear.  I don’t want to stand in the poster hall for 90 minutes looking like a dork.  I am hoping that Tuesday night I can nip over to the mall, which is conveniently across the street from my office and also is the place where I catch the bus home, and grab a nice, clean cut blouse to wear, oh, and maybe a pair of shoes.  And maybe I can even do this in the 25 minutes I have between the time I leave work, and the time I have to get on the bus.  And maybe not.  This is me, who is anything but decisive, especially if there is a deadline involved. Hmm.  Perhaps I’d better go scour the closet for a backup plan.

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