Found this draft I forgot to post:

We have a profound thinker on our hands.  A has come up with a few doozies this past week.  Here is a sampling:

M, A and I were sitting on the couch reading a touching but incredibly sad book about a young girl and her relationship with her grandfather.  It is written in the form of letters, sent back and forth between the two, and chronicles the grandfather’s illness, the birth of the girl’s brother, her family’s financial crisis, and finally the grandfather’s death.  The language here was so deliberately vague that neither M nor A realized what had happened until I explained it.  M looked a bit sad, but certainly not overwhelmed.  A, on the other hand, said, “You should throw that book away!”  “Why?” I asked.  “Because the grandpa died?”  “Yes!  They should never write books about dying!”  Poor kid.

Later that same night we read a book based in ancient China, and somehow the patriarchal nature of the society came up, and I explained that many cultures felt that male children were “more special” than female children.  I took great pains to explain that our society did not think this way, and made sure that the kids knew that men and women could be different, but both were very important and neither was necessarily better than the other.  Whereupon A says, “Well, girls are more important than boys, anyway.”  Me: “Girls more important than boys?”  A: “Yea, if you have a bunch of girls, well, they can have babies so that there are always more people.  But if you have a bunch of boys, you just have a bunch of boys, and no more people.” (Piture A shrugging her shoulders.)

I think we have a very sensitive, budding feminist on our hand.  But one with not a good sense of slang, for today she said, when M was bugging her: “M, knock it out!”

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